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The concept of school and pre-school education consists of 3 programs of development and training in our academy.

Daycare is a facility that offers care, supervision, and early education for children during the day while parents or guardians are at work or unavailable.

Daycares often cater to children ranging from infants (as young as a few months old) to preschool-age kids (around 5 years old) and sometimes even beyond

Daycare provides a structured environment where children can engage in age-appropriate learning activities, socialize with peers, and develop essential skills like communication, cooperation, and independence.

Consider factors like location, safety measures, staff qualifications, curriculum, cleanliness, and the overall atmosphere. Visit the daycare, ask questions, and observe how the staff interacts with children.

Daycare schedules vary, but they often include a mix of playtime, learning activities, meals, naptime, and outdoor time to provide a balanced routine.

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